Ondine - Visit Baranja


Studio apartment "ONDINE" in Zmajevac, Baranja's wine capital, Kneževi Vinogradi Municipality, has officially opened its wide doors of traditionally recognizable lowland welcome and hospitality. All European and international as well as domestic hedonists who, with the well-known Baranja wine and gastronomy and the unique nature in all four seasons, like a drop of glamor will not regret it if they choose accommodation in the apartment "Ondine" for their next vacation. It is located in the most touristic part of Zmajevac, in the upper part of its Catholic surduk. Everyone who appreciates the atmosphere, comfort, convenience and appreciates an aesthetic home and high-quality service will find it appealing. Studio apartment "Ondine" - 4 stars is located in the attic of a gator from 1921, and can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. It has been completely renovated and fits perfectly into the traditional architecture of the famous wine road, which is also home to several top restaurants. The interior of the apartment is an elegant and harmonious composition of historical authenticity and modern functional elements that create a balanced and intimate impression. On the ground floor there is a space for gatherings, celebrations, ceremonies, business meetings, tastings and a wine cellar dug into the loess slope of Banovo brdo. It is 102 years old and its authenticity has been preserved. Address: Planina 170, Zmajevac Phone: +385 91 955 1908- Bernarda +385 91 469 1557- Mario E-mail: bernarda.fuis@ gmail.com

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