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TB of Osijek-Baranja County

Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County


Gastronomic offer

In Baranja, people eat natural and healthy food. Have you ever heard of nettle sauce, clay pot stew or carp between forked branches? Those dishes must have intrigued the imagination of potential chance travellers by their names, upon first hearing, not to mention the tastes... Here, it is customary for hosts to occasionally or regularly prepare food to their guests in restaurants, boarding houses, tasting rooms and tourist farmsteads. They prepare meals in their own kitchens, in family kettles, self-made baker’s ovens or barbecues where you can tell the host how you would like your steak - rare or well done. Homemade, yet exotic and unique.

If you'd like to try typical home-made winter stores contact the Bošnjak family. Mrs Ljubica and Mr Andrija will show you their home-made products like cherry, strawberry and quince jam, quince cheese or “kitnkez”, “ajvar” chutney, paprika with cheese, vegetable pate or the phenomenal grilled white fish in a jar, the Baranja version of the salty anchovy.


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OPG Bošnjak

Address: Ul. Sv. Križa 25. 31301 Branjin Vrh

Tel.: 031/727-194

Mob.: 091/761-78-73