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October, 2013

Wine Marathon 2013

The Wine Marathon is a first class wine spectacle and the best known wine and gastro event in continental Croatia.

The event takes place every first weekend in October in a picturesque village of Zmajevac in the Baranja region. Located on the Danube, close to Hungary and Austria, this event attracts many foreign guests and visitors from other parts of Croatia.

During the festival weekend the typical wine streets in the village, the so called “surduk”, turn into real wine-arenas and hundreds of wine and food lovers visit the typical wine cellars “gator” with one main goal, to taste as many wine sorts as they can and to guess what kind of wine they are tasting. The wine sorts most produced in the region are: Welsh Riesling (Grasevina), Blue Frankish, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Rheine Riesling and Gewürztraminer. At the end the fastest and best wine-lover wins a medal as well as the best ranked wine producer. The programme is enriched with miniature open-air concerts of traditional folk music as well as ethno-pop-rock sounds.

The combination of best wines in the middle Danube region, traditional food like the spicy fish-paprikash, goulash and wild game roasts, music and crafts shown in the village fair attract more and more tourists each year. Still, the Wine Marathon did manage to keep it’s well known “friendly village” atmosphere.