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Off-road drive

A wonderful off-road driving experience through rough wilderness. Depending on prior arrangements with the organizer, this might be a sport, recreational, fun or a very serious experience. For a 4x4 adventure in the sporadically virgin forest inland of Baranja, it is necessary to make a precise arrangement of the route with Richard Apel and his team.  He will drive you crazy by alternatively directing the heavy terrain vehicles through the narrow mountain ravines, through sand terrain and into the swamp. Off-road drive in American, Japanese or Russian vehicles will mostly be a funny experience, yet it will at least once unexpectedly turn into a struggle for survival, with the entire crew to be involved, knee-deep in mud.  Fortunately, Riki also created an accompanying offer at all terrain stops during the daily route, thus enabling the most exhausted ones to refresh themselves with hot čobanac (shepherd’s stew).

Baranja Adventure team