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Geocaching Baranja

Someone will tell you that geocaching is a game of hide and seek, that someone has to play treasure hunt. It is really an online game that takes place in real life. Anyone who likes to be outdoors and knows how to use a GPS device could, through a series of web pages that deal with geocaching, find the closest point. By entering its coordinates in the GPS unit, player can just go and look for the nearest geocache. Usually these are plastic boxes containing notepad and pen, key rings, pens, badges, leaflets, stickers and similar small souvenirs. Each player, after finding the box, has to register himself in the notepad, take one little thing out of the box and leave one behind. When the player comes home, he can visit his geocaching web page and enter details about the point on which he found geocache and write how it was along the way.

In Baranja you can enjoy this interesting activity and on the way get to know lots of beautiful places, so download the application and start to meet all points of interest in Baranja.

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